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Cindy Giron

Piano /Theory


Cindy Giron was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. She began her music studies with piano at the age of 5 at New England Conservatory's Preparatory School. At NEC she studied piano with Frederika King and Valentina Lass. She then began to write music at the age of 14, studying with Alla Elana Cohen. Participating in the Certificate program at NEC Prep, Cindy participated in chamber ensembles, choir, orchestra, and theory lessons. In 2004, as piano and celeste player, Cindy toured Brazil and Venezuela with the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Benjamin Zander.

Under the tutelage of Nils Vigeland and Reiko Fueting, Cindy received a bachelors in composition from Manhattan School of Music in May 2010. She continued her piano studies at MSM with Marjean Olson and jazz piano with Joan Stiles. In the fall of 2010 she went abroad for a semester and studied Composition with Gilius van Bergeik and Yiannis Kyriadis at Koninklijk Conservatorium in Den Haag, Netherlands. After pursuing her love of travel, Cindy returned to the US to study at New York University's Steinhardt-school of Culture, Education, and Human Development. With instruction in contemporary and electronic composition from Morton Subotnick, Cindy graduated in May 2012 with a masters in Music Theory and Composition. She continues writing and collaborating with musicians and artists.

While studying at NYU, Cindy took part in the America Reads Tutoring program. She taught and assisted 3rd and 8th graders in academic courses and music classes. Teaching further expanded Cindy's interest in education and sparked a new direction.


Piano Awards

  • Participant and winner at the MMTA Piano Competition
  • Winner of the Seth Kimmelman Award at New England Conservatory
  • Performances with the Youth Reparatory Orchestra, Youth Symphony and Youth Philharmonic Orchestra of New England Conservatory
  • 3rd place Belmont Idol Awards
  • 3rd place in the International Chamber Music Ensemble Competition 2005 with “A Priori” piano quartet


  • Participant and winner at MTNA
  • Commissioned by Music On The Hill Camp in Cambridge, MA 2004 "La Princessa" for strings, flute, and percussion
  • Loadbang Commission 2010- "Don't Know" for Baritone Solo, Bass Clarinet in Bb, Trumpet in Bb and Trombone


"Music is universal. It's a language that can be taught to everyone. We all have unique ways of learning and I believe in tapping into each child's individuality to communicate the language of music."

Cindy Giron







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