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Vinnie Lo Verme


Vinnie Lo Verme Jr. began his music education at the age of 12 playing electric guitar in Queens, New York. At Holy Cross High School in Bayside, Queens, Vinnie honed in on his musical gifts in the Concert Band under the direction of award winning trumpeter and Music Educator Stanley Serafin. There, he learned how to perform within a broad spectrum of musical genres from Classical, Jazz, Latin, Motown, Pop, Classic Rock, and Blues. His strongest ability is in improvisation and communicating musical ideas to his audience and his students. At the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education, he learned that he could do more than just play an electric guitar. Vinnie is a classically trained guitarist, under the tutelage of William Anderson. He is also experienced in Jazz for the electric guitar, trained under saxophonist Antonio Hart and pianist Arturo O’Farril. He received an education in Bel Canto singing in his five-year commitment to the Queens College Chorus under the baton of Dr. James John. He received Vocal Pedagogy and Conducting Lessons under the leadership of Dr. Sandra Babb. Upon graduating from Queens College, he became a New York State Board of Education Certified Music Teacher with a concentration in Vocal and Choral music. Vinnie continues to understand that music is both a gift and a discipline worthy enough to dedicate one’s life to. Moreover, it is worth nothing if that gift cannot be shared with the world and with his pupils.


- Board of Education NY State Certified Music Teacher

- Bachelor of Arts, CUNY Queens College- Aaron Copland School of Music


-Queens Guitar Ensemble, Electric Counterpoint for Nylon String Guitar by Steve Reich, Carnegie Hall, 2008.

-North American Premiere of A Crimson Grail by Rhys Chatham, Damrosch Park, 2009.

-Kyle Tucker Band, Lead Guitarist, 2002-2007


-Time For Lyme: A Community Walk for Lyme Disease, Westchester, NY, 2003

-Rock2Rebuild: Tsunami Relief Benefit Concert, Westchester, NY, 2006

-The Clearview School Benefit Concert: For Special Needs Children featuring Greg Giraldo, The Canal Room, NYC, 2005


Music is a language that transcends culture, tradition, race, and belief. It is an honor to have the unique opportunity to teach our young the art of music in the most culturally diverse city in the world. It is my commitment to fill my students’ minds with the highest quality of musical knowledge. It is my pleasure to be a catalyst of generating their self-expression so that WHO they are for “music” will become visible and active in their life and the lives of others. The distinctions we build upon in our classroom will scaffold their ability to formulate their own contributions to the art from a solid foundation. Moreover, they will experience the pleasure and discipline this art naturally lends to humanity. .

Vinnie Lo Verme Jr.







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