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The Baby Musical Aurora ® Mommy & Me Class

The Baby Musical Aurora ® Mommy & Me Class is a collaborative and innovative musical experience for children from ages 6 months old to 3 years old. Baby Musical Aurora ®, gives children an early participation in music with activities such as sing-alongs, musical games/instruments, and dance-along movements that promote children’s physical, cognitive, and social development. Furthermore, with Baby Musical Aurora ®, children have the opportunity to develop their listening skills, rhythm, and pitch recognition and reproduction. It gives children a musical environment to build up their confidence, sensitivity to expression, creativity, and imagination. Together with Baby Musical Aurora ®, children will have fun learning a new culture, arts, and vocabulary under a beautiful musical atmosphere.

Class Structure: All Baby Musical Auora ®, classes have the following elements, which offer a variety of music, songs, and activities to keep children engaging and entertained:

Welcoming: A warm welcome opens the hearts of the little ones. It helps children to adapt to the atmosphere and environment and to prepare their hearts and minds for the class.

Heating Up! (Warm-up): This is a high-energy session where children respond to popular nursery rhymes and children’s songs with singing and movements. This session not only helps children exercise their gross motor skills but also strengthens the bond between the child and the caregiver.

Make Some Noise! (Instrument Exploration):

Children learn to play with different instruments and have the opportunity to explore and experience different types of instruments. Playing musical toys and instruments helps their development of key motor skills, body coordination, and the sense of rhythm and pulse.

Time to Play! (Music Games)

This session gives students an opportunity to experience different games and activities with parachutes, scarves, and puppets among others. It also helps to develop their ability to follow instructions and listening skills and increases their attention span.

Dance with the Bubbles!

This activity allows children to exercise their sensorimotor skills. It also develops their hand-eye coordination while looking for and popping the bubble. The variety of genres of music in the background gives students exposure to different styles of music while they dance and move, which makes this session a unique experience.

Bye-Bye Lullaby:

A soft and mellow song can help children relax and stay calm. Children can learn to regulate their emotions with the music they hear.

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