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Kristen Lauria is a passionate learner, teacher, and performer. She has participated in music from a very young age in church and works as a cantor and church instrumentalist regularly. Kristen graduated from The Hartt School under a full performance scholarship with a degree in music education and clarinet performance, and will be pursuing a Master’s Degree in Clarinet Performance at Queens College with Prof. Charles Neidich. Kristen has served as principal clarinetist of both Hartt Orchestra and the Hartt Wind Ensemble, was a semi-finalist in the International Clarinet Association Young Artist competition, and participated in the National Music Festival under full scholarship for two years. She has worked with conductors such as Gregorz Novak, Glen Adsit, Edward Cumming, and Frank Ticheli, and has performed in prestigious venues such as the New World Center and The Bushnell. Additionally, Kristen co-organized Hartt’s first Clarinet Day as the clarinet studio manager, and was the longest tenured ear training tutor during her time there. During student teaching, she created a successful unit for elementary band implementing sound before sight at Simsbury Elementary School and incorporated breath and movement exercises in both band and choir at Waterford High School. Kristen is a proponent of the benefits of sound and movement for child development, and avidly practices yoga in her spare time.


Early participation in music is one of the best activities you can introduce to your child. Music’s benefits to both physical and cognitive development make it essential to every child’s development. Students learn to interact with themselves, their caretakers, and the classroom community through a variety of imaginative, creative, and enriching activities. Exposure to musical activities at this age develops rhythm, pitch generation, and most importantly, sensitivity to expression that will transfer to the child’s future musical endeavors. Music in this class constantly serves as a means to introduce new cultures, visual arts, and vocabulary in a fun and memorable way. (Ages 6 month- 3 yrs)

A typical class includes the following:


Children are welcomed as both individuals and members of the group in a familiar way. This establishes a sense of routine and expectations, and prepares the child for a session of music-making.

Beat Exploration (Bounces, Wiggles, Tapping, Clapping):

These activities come from a long line of tradition that parents, grandparents, and older siblings would teach children. Feeling a steady beat created by the caregiver helps to strengthen sense of pulse, which is vital for all physical activities. These exercises also strengthen the child’s bond with the caregiver and sometimes lends the opportunity to discover new percussion instruments! As students’ progress in the class, they will become more independent in creating their own beat.

Interactive Listening:

Students learn to identify and respond to musical juxtapositions (loud vs. soft, fast vs. slow, different timbres, etc.) in a variety of genres through sound, movement, and artwork. Storytelling through Music (Songtales) Telling stories through song improves the child’s imagination and ability to understand the expressive quality of vocabulary in a fun and inclusive context.

Circle Games:

These include simple games that go along with a song, strengthening the child’s memory so that they may recall actions with non-explicit instruction.


Children experience a sense of closure with a calming song to end the class, essential for developing the child’s sense of expression in speech and music...


Registration is always open- You can register for Early Bird Rock™ at any time!

Classes run in 10-Week Sessions
$25 per class; 10 week package = $250
Registration Fee= $25
Registration Fee for Second Child= $15
Sibling Discount= $30 (Only applies to 10 week packages)

Jeffrey Litman
Kristen Lauria






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