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Trill notation


The piano poses a vast tonal range and versatility which covers all the instruments in the orchestra. The fact that the piano can create every note of every instrument in ...

Mission & Vision

Since its founding in 2007, Belle Arti Center for the Arts’ mission has been to prepare children for a brighter future by using music as a means for them to develop the skills that will help them excel in school, in their personal lives, and in their careers.


It has been our experience that developing creativity is a key component in learning critical thinking and applying it productively. Music helps foster a child’s creativity while teaching valuable skills of discipline, collaboration and perseverance. 


We have witnessed the positive impact of this approach for more than two decades and have seen it help in the development of children with a wide range of personalities, abilities, and talents. We are committed to transforming learning – and lives – through the power of music education.


You can join us in making music an essential element for nurturing and raising a successful child.

music sheet

“Max reads his student very well, and with great care.  His coaching skills as a teacher take into account the student's individuality."

L. Esposito, parent (Mother of Richard and Peter Esposito, 17 and 15 years old)

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