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The piano poses a vast tonal range and versatility which covers all the instruments in the orchestra. The fact that the piano can create every note of every instrument in ...

In addition to our course of music lessons for individual instruments, Belle Arti Center for the Arts also offers two additional programs: Musical Aurora® for the youngest students, which is available year-round, and our Summer program, which is offered for all students during non-school months.

Your child’s musical journey is unique to him or her. Recognizing this, we work with you to create a plan for classes and instruction that, with your support, will provide your child the opportunity to learn, grow, and have fun!


As we work with your child, we get to know his or her personality, learning style, and capabilities. We prioritize communication with you so that there is strong collaboration between you, your child, and their instructors to adapt our plan over time to help them reach their goals.


With our youngest students, we first focus on enhancing brain connections through our Musical Aurora® program. The best way to start!


As students progress, we build skills through the learning of an instrument, which typically takes the form of private instruction. (Semi-private and group lessons are also available.)


For those students who want to dive more deeply into how music works, we offer theory and composition classes. Our instruction is personalized to each student’s needs and goals.


More information about ensuring your child gets a strong start in learning music and an instrument can be found on the At What Age Should My Child Start Music Lessons page. You’ll also find information on which instrument might be the best fit for your child in this section, as well as resources for learning more about setting your child up for success in learning music.

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“Max reads his student very well, and with great care.  His coaching skills as a teacher take into account the student's individuality."

L. Esposito, parent (Mother of Richard and Peter Esposito, 17 and 15 years old)

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