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How to Choose a Music School

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

One of the great things about living in New York City is the abundance of world-class choices we have for everything from restaurants to retail to career opportunities. The range of music schools available to you is no different.

So how do you decide on a school that will engage and excite your child and ignite a lifelong passion for musical performance and music appreciation?

Our approach at Belle Arti Center for the Arts is focused on understanding your child’s personality and emotional and physical development. With this understanding, we guide you to the appropriate lesson formats and instruments to help you and your child achieve your musical goals.

Because not everyone has the same goals, we understand that our music lessons must be tailored to each family's needs and each child’s abilities.

We encourage you to begin your search by talking to us and the directors of any other schools you are considering to be sure that the school’s mission matches your goals. Some questions to ask as you get to know the directors include

● Is the school focused solely on pushing students to advanced music education? (Performance high schools, conservatory, professional careers)

● Does the school have age-appropriate programs that acknowledge the developmental differences between age groups as well as for individual children within each age group?

● How are children matched with instructors? Or is there simply one instructor per instrument or age group?

Ideally, you will find a school that gets to know your child and understand their learning style and personality and takes the time to communicate with you about your child’s progress and offer insights to help your child flourish outside of the music classroom.

A world-class music school’s mission must be to nurture the relationship between a child and music by creating an environment within which your student, your family, the teacher and the school director can communicate easily about how to nurture your child’s enthusiasm and passion, encouraging them to progress through their musical education with true joy.

When a music school succeeds in this mission, each child’s potential is realized. With education comes knowledge. With knowledge comes freedom.

The future is in the hands of today’s generation. We are here to help them grasp it!

Claudette Munne

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